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Lone Jack Coffee
Fresh-roasted premium coffee ground to your preference

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Lone Jack Coffee Tips

"There's coffee in them thar hills"

THE ART of coffee growing, bean selection, roasting and brewing is as complex as that of winemaking. Here is some useful information about the "art of coffee" and some tips about how to perfect your cup of coffee!

COFFEE can lose up to half its flavor within a couple of weeks. For this reason we roast only on demand and we ship within 24 hours of roasting. This allows the time spent during shipment to go through the necessary curing process and arrive at your door ready for your cup.

Roast levels

Some coffees taste great at different roast levels and others have a more specific level for their optimum roast (taste). For this reason We have meticulously selected what we feel is each coffee's optimum flavor. We also realize that not all people have the same taste. For example, many people like the taste of the carmelizing , (burning of the sugars) that occurs the darker the roast becomes. If you, the customer find a coffee on our list that you really like, but feel you'd prefer it roasted a little lighter or darker, please feel free to contact us and we will custom roast for you at no extra charge.

WE OFFER the Lone Jack Coffee in the following forms/grinds:

  • Whole Bean
  • French Press (Coarse)
  • Percolator
  • Household drip (flat)
  • Cone drip
  • Espresso 1
  • Espresso 2
  • Turkish

Glossary of Coffee Terms

Acidity -- A highly desireable quality in coffee. All good coffees have some degree of acidity. In fine coffees acidity results in a pleasant sharpness. Acidity addresses the coffee's flavor and is assessed as lively, moderate, flat to dull. Similar to dryness in wine. The darker a coffee is roasted the more its acidity dissipates.

Arabica -- The most widely grown type of coffee tree. It is dramatically superior in cup quality to other species and has a more delicate flavor than its cousins. All fine, specialty and fancy coffees come from Coffea Arabica trees.

Aroma -- The fragrance of brewed coffee that can be characterized as "winey" or "floral".

Balance -- A characteristic that indicates a complexity of flavors and aromas although one quality does not stand out above another.

Bird Friendly -- Term associated with shade grown coffee. Describes coffee grown under a shade canopy providing habitat for migrating songbirds.

Body -- The sensation of heaviness, richness, or thickness and associated texture when one tastes coffee. Coffees with a heavier body will maintain more flavors. The same individual coffee won't have both a lot of acidity and body.

Caffeine -- An odorless, bitter alkaloid contained in coffee that stimulates the Central Nervous System and, in the right amounts, causes adrenaline to be released.

Complexity -- A tasting term describing coffees whose taste sensations shift and layer pleasureably, and give the impression of depth and resonance.

Espresso A rich, usually black coffee, resulting from the process of forcing water through packed finely ground coffee at high pressure, and at a high rate of speed.

Fair Traded Coffee -- Coffee that has been purchased from farmers ( usually Peasant farmers) at a "fair" price as determined by international agencies. The extra paid these farmers under fair trade arrangements is extremely modest, by the way.

French Roast -- A term for coffee brought to degrees of roast considerably darker that the traditional American norm. It may range in color from dark brown to nearly black and may range in flavor from rich and bittersweet to thin-bodied and burned.

Fruity -- Either a sweet sensation reminiscent of citrus fruit or a dry sensation reminiscent of berry fruit.

Pyrolysis -- The chemical breakdown, during roasting, of fats and carbohydrates into the delicate oils that provide the aroma and most of the coffee flavor.

Richness -- A coffee characteristic indicating depth and complexity of flavor, full body, and an overall satisfying taste.

Robusta -- Currently the only significant competitor to the arabacas. It is a lower growing, higher-bearing tree that produces fuller bodied but more bland coffees that are of inferior quality and higher caffeine content. They are used in many restaurant blends and are often fillers. They are primarily grown in the sun and are the usual suspect crop of clearcut rain forests.

Spicy -- An aromatic and taste perception reminiscent of either wood-spice (cinnamon) Or wood-seed (clove).

Stale -- A coffee that is flat with a cardboard taste due to being exposed to oxygen for too long. Ground coffees go stale faster than whole beans because there is more surface area exposed to the air. Freshness starts its downtrend after two weeks and by two months, well, forget it. Many coffees on store shelves are much older. Lone Jack Coffee Ships within 24 hours of roasting.

Strength -- The ratio of ground coffee and water. Its not the coffee or the roaster.

Swiss Water Process -- A trademarked decaffeination method that removes caffeine from coffee beans using hot water, steam, and activated charcoal rather than chemicals or solvents.

Varietal -- A single or straight coffee from one region country of origin.

Winey -- Full-bodied, smooth yet lively, similar to a well matured red wine.