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Lone Jack Coffee
Fresh-roasted premium coffee ground to your preference

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TWO GENERATIONS ago, my grandfather, R.S. Lambert (pictured at right), along with his two partners founded the Lone Jack Mine, which launched the Mt. Baker gold rush in 1897.

Almost over-night -- in fact, before "old Russ" could get back to the Lone Jack claim near Twin Lakes -- a tent city of eager, java-drinking prospectors sprang up in the remote reaches of the North Cascades.

Today there is no gold left in the shafts of the Lone Jack and Lulu Mines, but the aroma of great coffee still wafts out of the mountains into the valleys below, where discriminating coffee drinkers enjoy its wonderful taste.

Lone Jack Coffee harkens back to those pioneer days, while looking forward to the future. Lone Jack Coffee is about values, both human and environmental. For that reason we at Lone Jack roast only 100% Organic, Shade Grown and Fairly Traded beans.

Our goal is to be a responsible business that supports an eco-friendly and humanitarian atmosphere on the planet. The farmers and communities of remote regions around the world face a number of environmental and socio-economic challenges. These include deforestation, soil erosion, loss of wildlife habitat and low and unstable incomes. The organization, production, technical assistance and higher prices for certified organic coffees help these remote farmers by being able to generate a better income for themselves and improve the economic basis in their communities. Committing to using only 100% certified organic, shade grown beans graded to the highest specialty standards makes us and our customers feel like we are making a difference.

100% Certified Organic

Certified 100% Organic coffee means that no chemicals have been used in the entire process, from farm to cup. This reflects our commitment to the health of our customer and to the environment.

Shade Grown Coffee

We use shade grown coffees exclusively to protect native native birds and plants and to aid in stopping the destruction of global rain forests. Moreover, the slower growing shade grown coffees can reach greater flavor potential and quite frankly produce a better tasting cup of coffee.

Fairly Traded Coffee

Large organizations like the Fair Trade Organization have compromised the fate of the small farmer. Standards have been lowered for the use of the Fair Trade logo from around 10% to only 2% of coffees that must be purchased Using Fair trade practices. We don't think that's the way to go. We help the small farmer receive a fair price by using local grower co-ops to buy directly from the farmer. 100% of our coffee, not 2%, is purchased for a fair price Directly from the small farmer. We call this Fairly Traded.


-- Russ Lambert, owner Lone Jack Coffee